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How To Use Fleshlight Masturbator?

If you are using a new Fleshlight for the first time, make sure to take away the plastic tube from the internal canal, or otherwise, you can injure yourself.

As far as the plastic tube is concerned, it prevents the canal walls from sticking together in times of storage and transport. The plastic tube can be pulled out easily and discarded.

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Use Water-based Gel

It is highly advisable to use a lubricant with a Fleshlight masturbator as you might have problems during penetration and that might not be enjoyable for you. In order to enjoy a heavenly feeling, keep the Fleshlight product as wet as possible inside the canal just like how a real vagina stays.

Although there are various types of lubes available in the market, all lubes are not suitable for the Fleshlight. For instance, silicone or oil-based lubes usually ruin its "Super Skin" material, leaving the insert and surfaces sticky. Also, the material’s tensile strength is reduced. Therefore, always use water-based lubes as these leave no side effects on the Fleshlight material.

Fleshlight Masturbator


Heat up the Lube and Fleshlight Insert Before Use

For a more intense feeling, get both the lube and the insert heated to body temperature. Remember, a warmer pussy with the touch of lube gives a more realistic feeling in comparison to a pussy with cold lube at room temperature.

Now, get some hot water and place the insert into it for not more than twenty minutes. Once done, the insert will rise above the water. However, you need to keep it submerged for optimal results. One of the wisest ways is to wedge a lube bottle between the faucet and Fleshlight insert so that the latter stays underwater. In this process, the lube will get its desired heat.

Once done, adjust the amount of lube as per the inner texture. Thereafter, make use of the small rear screw cap in order to keep the Fleshlight suction regulated. Now, you can either use your hands or stay hands-free to enjoy with the Fleshlight.

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