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It was 4 years from now that we here at Lovesextoy started our journey, and today, we are known at almost all corners of India. We wanted people to stay happy and satisfied with their sex life, and we are contented with whatever we have achieved till date. We are happy to say that we have justified our name in all aspects.

Currently, we are a grand online store with a massive range of sex toys in India for males, females, and couples as well. We have reached several cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ghaziabad, Noida, Nagpur, Vadodara, Pune, and more.


Our Products at a Glance

The reason why we have introduced a wide variety of sex toys and accessories for men, women, and couples is to meet sexual needs and wants. In other words, our products are all aimed at doubling the satisfaction of all our users.

So, we bring you a comprehensive list of sex toys and accessories which we deal with at Lovesextoy. Take a quick look:


Male Sex Toys in India

Men are welcomed to browse a unique range of adult toys for diverse purposes. Going forward, we bring you the subcategories which would help you buy adult toys in India from our store.


  • Sex Toys

If you ask a man to play, he would love doing it for hours. So, here we bring the most astounding toys that would help one show his manhood in bed. Some of our sex toys for boys in India include an inflatable love doll, a big artificial vagina, a spider sower masturbator, etc. These are some of the highest sold male adult toys in India as per our online sex toys store in India.


  • Needy Products

The needy sex toys for males in India comprise an awesome collection at our online sex toys store in India. These products are also quite influential in lending good shape to a man’s sex life. A few of these products which we keep at our sex toys store in India are penis enhancement devices, penis sleeves, penis rings, etc.


Female Sex Toys in India


Emotion and passion run hand in hand for women. So, we have brought such amazing sex toys for girls in India that would leave them super satisfied in bed. What’s high-scoring is that these female adult toys in India are harmless unless one makes use of them in the wrong way.


  • Sex Toys

Some unmatched thrills are waiting to make women feel on top of the world with our sex toys in India. It includes everything from vibrators, sex machines, glass dildos to electro sex toys and whatnot. These sex toys for females in India are perfect to use for not only solo plays but also foreplays.


  • Accessories

If girls are given some extra doses of pleasure, they would love to take any time in bed. Hence, our accessories like vibrating panty, nipple clamps, silicone breast prosthesis, etc. will make women have an awesome sex life.


  • Needy Products

It’s obvious for girls to stay in need of sexual urge. Hence, we have some outstanding needy sex toys for females in India. Check out our variety of pussy pumps, artificial hymen, breast enhancement cream, and more among our needy adult toys in India.



Couple Sex Toys in India


Needless to say, many couples stay in need of sex toys in India all the time. So, be it out of necessity or pleasure, we bring to you a remarkable collection. With our sex toys in India for couples, partners are no more required to pray for happy moments in the bed. Besides, we have got such products that would help couples conduct naughty experiments on the bed with one another.

So, if you are here to browse the range of couple sex toys in India, our online sex toys store in India will leave all partners thrilled with products like strap-ons, toy cleaners, and even toys for anal sex. All these sex toys in India are superior in quality and help partners stay safe and thrilled.


Party Sex Toys in India

Have you ever bonded well sexually? Did you ever think of hot partying with your partner? This category unlocks such party sex toys in India that would take entertainment to the zenith. Our high-class range of bondage adult toys has products ranging from sex chairs, mouth ball gags, leather whips to handcuffs and chastity locks. Our pheromone sprays along with scented candles and lighters have always been an added attraction at our online sex toys store in India.


Herbal Sex Toys in India

The consequences of using herbal products have turned out to be safe and effective always. Be it for any gender of any age, our herbal adult toys in India are made of powerful and skin-friendly ingredients. This is the reason why we have brought products like arousal gels, lubes, massage oil, and more for natural solutions to our users. Don’t miss our sex drops as these are safe and effective


Long-Distance Sex Toys in India

Do you know that love and lust can go hand in hand? Yes, this category of ours unlocks the incredible app control vibrators. These are compact, stylish, and can be operated by Bluetooth and smartphone app. No matter where your partner is, these long-distance sex toys in India connect people in seconds for some naughty exchanges. It just needs to be installed correctly in the phone and the rest would lead to a toe-curling experience.


Lovesextoy Places your Order with Ease

Placing an order at our online sex toys store in India can be done from any corner of the country. It takes neither time nor any effort to create an order at Lovesextoy.

The following two ways are applicable for placing an order for adult toys in India through Lovesextoy:


Visit Our Website and Order

This is the simplest and most common way to buy sex toys in India at Lovesextoy. One needs to visit our website, choose the product, follow a few simple and essential steps and then place the order.


Call a Sales Executive and Order

The best thing about our online sex toys store in India is that it gives one the advantage to make a call for an order to be placed. Lovesextoy is equipped with professionals who are always ready to talk, solve queries, and order sex toys in India for you.


Cities where we Made an Impact

In the last 4 years, our online sex toys store in India has been fortunate to get orders from different cities. However, we present here the list of cities where we brought a massive response.

Take a look:


Sex Toys in Mumbai

Mumbai has always kept surprising us with its type of users and varying orders. We had received maximum orders for sex toys in Mumbai like inflatable love dolls, bullet vibrators, anal dildos, pussy pumps, strap-ons, and penis rings. Be it our sex toys for females in India or those for men, our store has got a response from people of almost all ages.


Sex Toys in Kolkata

Enthusiasm has always been the priority for the people of Kolkata in the context of sex toys. Our adult toys in Kolkata have got users of different age groups. Whether they are sex toys for females in India or sex toys for males in India, our online adult shop has always shown up its variety. Where glass dildos and rabbit vibrators were among the sex toys in Kolkata for women in India, the cock rings and male strokers were found among those for men.


Sex Toys in Delhi

Delhi has always been high on passion. This has been clearly evident from the demand for fun vibrators that surged high like anything among the female sex toys in Delhi in the last few years.  From almost every corner of the city, we got happy and satisfied users. Surprisingly, these mini vibrators were recorded to be among the most popular and highest-selling among the couple sex toys in Delhi. Besides, the demand for sex toys for females in India and sex toys for males in India was also up to the mark. The popularity of sex toys in Delhi was always high and would remain so in the long run.


Sex Toys in Chennai

Chennai has been another striking location where the demand for sex toys has been sky high. Here we found plenty of users for delay sprays and penis rings. These sex toys for males in India have injected confidence and contentment both in men.


Other Cities where We Did Well

Apart from the metros, we have felt the relevance of using sex toys in many other cities. For instance, we came across a high asking rate for sex toys in Ghaziabad. On the other hand, the sex toys in Noida were quite notable among other cities apart from sex toys in Ghaziabad.

Likewise, there was a constant buzz for sex toys in Nagpur among both men and women. Similarly, there was a rising demand for sex toys in Vadodara. Even the necessity of purchasing sex toys in Pune was quite prominent as we witnessed the rising sales figure.


Our Popular Adult Products at Lovesextoy

Lovesextoy has been quite active in bringing such awesome products that have brought sea changes in the lives of men, women, and couples as well. So, here are a few of our sex toys in India that have gained popularity with time:

Take a look:


Vibrating Massager

The vibrating massager is simply brilliant in providing the most erotic massages to girls. Even couples use these to enjoy foreplays like anything. After vibrators, this is one of the bestselling female sex toys in India for sure. Precisely, the vibrating massager popped up to be one of the highest-selling sex toys in Ghaziabad.


Spider Sower Masturbator

Solos for men will now be the best thing in the world with spider sower masturbators. Men will find bliss during their intimate moments with this awesome hands-free toy. Once you use such sex toys for males in India, you will enjoy eroticism at its best. This masturbator has also been quite noteworthy among the male sex toys in Pune.


Big Artificial Vagina

This has been the most demanding sex toy for men in India as per Lovesextoy. These sex toys for males in India are harmless for the skin, these sex toys for men are worth owning. These artificial vaginas have been quite significant among males sex toys in India.


Realistic Vibrator

The realistic vibrator has been designed to make women enjoy their sex life like anything. Well, these vibrators are realistic in the sense that they look exactly like the male genitals. Feedback have been quite convincing in regard to these branded sex toys in India till date.


Cock Ring

Erection is the most challenging thing for men. But with a cock ring, this would no more be the same. These are none other than penis rings which can be worn around the base of the penis. Men who aim at keeping their erection at the peak will love wearing the cock ring. Cock ring has a rising demand among the male sex toys in Ghaziabad.


Super Girl

Men who are really concerned about having a higher libido will love playing with the Super Girl. She is undoubtedly hot, seductive, almost real, and really cuddly. Such sexy girls will take no time to warm up the bed for men.

Till now, Lovesextoy has come across plenty of orders in regard to Super Girl. Our sex toys store preserves an amazing range of sex dolls for men to help them enjoy wonderful sex life. In terms of safety, these dolls have allured attention among the female sex toys in Pune.

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Debraj M.
In love with the results
I have fallen in love with the results. This cream is so effective that now I can perform better in the bedroom. The nutrients of the cream are too good. It gets easily absorbed and spread all over my penis. A little amount of cream is enough to grow my penis bigger.
Moderated on 02/25/2023.
Abhirup K.
Finally I have the ring
This is the time I want to admit that I have brought a pair of rings with penis sleeves. It is a boon for people like me who find it hard to show their stamina. It has made me last longer and achieve pleasure after I put on the ring. The vibrations are awesome.
Moderated on 02/25/2023.
Nitesh M.
Highly Satisfied!
The super penis sleeve makes me extremely happy. It improved my performance in bed and increased my confidence. Earlier I used to lack confidence due to my penis size. But now, with the sleeve, I can do whatever I want. I am ruling the bed just like a lion rules the jungle.
Moderated on 02/25/2023.
Mohini M.
Live the moments peacefully
Life is all about experimenting the fantastic moments at night by using bullet vibrator. The length of the bullet vibrator is just right as it teases the right spot without much difficulty. The 20 different modes of vibrations slowly turn me on and help me to attain orgasms as well. The remote makes the job super easy to control the toy.
Moderated on 01/07/2022.
Supriya M.
Thrills all night
I am naughty girl who loves to play games with my vibrating massager. It is entertaining as the toy is just perfect I was looking for. I can feel naughtiness in no time once I get the vibrator. Surprisingly, I get around 4000 vibes in 1-2 minutes only. The handle helps to grab the vibrator easily while I am playing naughty games.
Moderated on 12/15/2021.
Navnita M.
Fabulous Lover Prostate Stimulator GS-015
Fabulous Lover Prostate Stimulator GS-015
Color PINK Total Length 9.5 inches Insertable Length 3 inches Dia 2.7 Material SILICONE Rechargable NO Wireless NO...
Unlimited enjoyment in the private time
Life can be surprising anytime and so the private hours are brilliant as I am astonished to have a perfect g-spot vibrator for me. The vibrator is very pleasurable and I can’t ignore the softness from the silicone toy. Looking at the toy I can feel the naughtiness inside the private area. The single mode of vibration is wonderful and the colour is very pleasurable.
Moderated on 12/09/2021.
Rimpi D.
G Spot Jelly Vibrator - Tongue GS-005
G Spot Jelly Vibrator - Tongue GS-005
Color BALLET SLIPPER Total Length 5.7 inches Insertable Length NA Dia NA Material SILICONE Rechargable NO Wireless NO...
Build a new relationship with my vibrator
Every toy has its own importance and so I am very particular about selection. That’s why, I picked up this fantastic g-spot vibrator that looks like a tongue with dots all over the toy. The softness of the toy is my favourite as in the first time only I can slide this one easily inside the deepest part. The single mode of vibration is an added advantage for me.
Moderated on 12/09/2021.
Neha A.
Super Soft Tongue Vibrator FV-008
Super Soft Tongue Vibrator FV-008
Color SKIN Total Length 2.2 inches Insertable Length 1 inches Dia 2.5 Material CYBERSKIN SILICONE Rechargable NO Wireless...
Limitless fun by using mature toy
For the last few months I am excited to have the trendy mature toy like this one. The shape of this toy has grabbed my attention and then I am mesmerized to see the taste buds. Whenever, it touches the private area of my body, it stimulates the private part and slowly excites me. The washing method is easy too.
Moderated on 12/09/2021.
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