Get Brand New Sex Toys in Mumbai by Ordering Online Now

Mumbai has everything, right from its vibrant locations, street food to shopping malls. Besides, the city has also taken care of people who are in want of physical needs as well as those who want to overcome physical challenges to regain an active sex life.

Love Sex Toy is the name of a reputed online adult toy store that has been dealing in adult toys for quite some years. Now, it has brought an opportunity to people of other cities to buy Sex Toys in Mumbai and also other cities in India. So, wherever you are in Mumbai, you can now get sex toys online and that is also at the most competitive price.

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The Best Online Sex Toy Store in Mumbai

Among the online sex toys in Mumbai, men and women have lots of toys to shop from. Emperor Penis Sleeve is a fascinating product for all those men who are facing problems in regard to erection. This penis sleeve is made of good quality silicone that makes it quite safe for the skin.

Moreover, it is quite soft to wear and the user will find it quite comfortable. 5.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches in width, this penis sleeve extender is no doubt a worthy product. These sex toys in Mumbai can be ordered online from anywhere in India and shipped to Mumbai.

Girls can look for clit vibrators like the We-Vibe II among the sex toys in Mumbai. What’s best about it is that it is wireless and hands-free as well. Being absolutely eco-friendly, it has a 1-button pleasure control and a splash-proof body. These sex toys in Mumbai are quite reasonably priced.

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Why the Male Sex Toys in Mumbai is so Classy? 🤵🏻

Men from Mumbai enjoy the limelight whether it is at the workplace or home. There are not ready to compromise with it. In private life also they need the same amount of attention and fun. Sometimes stress makes them depressed. So, considering all the situations male sex toys in Mumbai are getting popular. Men love the collection of toys on our website.

sex toys for men in Mumbai

From every part of the city, men are buying various types of mature toys. Both single and married men are happily placing orders for them. The age group of 24-46 are showing interest to purchase the pleasure-giving toys in this city.

The favorite male sex toys in Mumbai are:

  • Spider Sower Masturbator
  • Sex Real Doll
  • Male Masturbation Toys
  • Penis Enlarger Device

➡️ Spider Sower Masturbator

The Spider Sower Masturbator counts among the most popular masturbators for men. It is a hands-free sex toy that lets men enjoy solos with pleasure. Its speciality is its soft-skin vagina that stays attached to the toy. Hence, the user has to hold the vaginal opening against his penis and insert it like sexual intercourse. It looks stylish and features a smart grip.

➡️ Sex Real Doll

The sex real doll is lifelike in look, erotic in spirit, and soft in touch. As it comes in a pure, medical-grade silicone body, it feels smooth to cuddle. Her private organs are prominent, and men find them heavenly to play with. Every private part looks quite natural in terms of skin complexion. This lifts the humanized look of the doll and makes it worth adding to the bed.

➡️ Male Masturbation Toys

The male masturbation toys are realistic human female figures with seductive private parts. As the name says, men use these to enjoy their masturbation sessions. Some toys come in full figures, while some are available with remote controls. Some only come with breasts along with a vaginal opening, while some appear with butts. All these products come in natural complexions and silicone materials that make them more realistic.

➡️ Penis Enlarger Device

The penis enlarger device is a safe and effective solution to male penis enhancement. With the help of this device, men find it safer and easier to stretch their penis length and girth. It is a very sturdy device that works effectively on the male genitals and makes them grow bigger in size and width.

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What makes the Female Sex Toys in Mumbai so Desirable by All? 🙎‍♀️

Women from all over the city are very energetic and up-to-date. They are very excited to see the huge collection of toys for them. All the toys are having a unique design and are made up of high-quality materials. Each day more and more are purchasing various toys and accessories from them. That makes the female sex toys in Mumbai so popular and loved by all.

adult sex toys for female in Mumbai

Women all over Mumbai are showing genuine interest in trying various toys. Both married and unmarried women are using the mature toys quite happily. The age group of 23-45 are giving positive response than the rest.

All-time favorite female sex toys are:

  • G Spot Vibrator
  • Vibrating Massager
  • Lelo Vibrator
  • Sex Machine

➡️ G-spot Vibrator

The G-spot vibrator is a very advanced and incredible vibrating toy to help women tickle their G-spot. As many women find it challenging to find their G-spot, this vibrator does the job in no time. As these vibrators come with unique designs, they hit the erogenous spot rightly, making women go orgasmic like anything. These female sex toys in Mumbai are among the demanding ones with brilliant settings.

➡️ Vibrating Massager

As far as the vibrating massager goes, it is an advanced sex toy for women who wish to enjoy soothing erotic massages. With these massagers, women not only enjoy clitoral stimulation but also take pleasure in tickling different body parts. Whether it is her neck, thighs or shoulders, these vibrators are versatile and promise unlimited pleasure to women. These massagers usually look like wands and bring women bliss during solo play.

➡️ Lelo Vibrator

If you are looking for a sexy, stylish, advanced, and sleek vibrator, go for the Lelo vibrator. It is a top-rated and branded vibrating toy for women who prefer sophistication, passion, and satisfaction. These vibrators have advanced settings and vibration modes that make those solo sessions heavenly. In terms of variety, the Lelo vibrators will not stop impressing women.

➡️ Sex Machine

sex machine is an upgraded erotic gadget that lets women enjoy non-stop vaginal stroking. Usually, these machines come with advanced mechanisms along with versatile controls. Also, these come in exceptional designs along with attached dildos. The ones with dildos are called penetrative sex machines, while those without are known as extractive sex machines.

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How the Lovers are Getting benefits from the Couple Sex Toys in Mumbai? 👫  

All the lovers in this city are quite forward in thinking. They are enjoying new sensations in their private life. All the couples are happily buying various kinds of mature toys from this website. The exceptionally designed toys that are also skin-friendly are liked by all the partners of Mumbai. That’s the reason why couple sex toys in Mumbai are everyone’s favorite.

All the lovers from every nook and corner of the city are placing orders. Both the new and old couples are thrilled to have the trendy collection. But the average age group of 25-48 is topping the list more than the rest.

The most-liked couple sex toys and accessories in this section are:

  • Anal Dildo
  • App Control Vibrator
  • Strap On
  • Kinky Pleasure

➡️ Anal Dildo

The best thing an anal dildo does is it lets couples enjoy anal sex with not only pleasure but safety as well. Unlike other dildos, these dildos come with narrow inserting heads so that the user can push safely into the anus. As anal sex may involve injuries, the anal dildos work as saviours for couples. These are usually smaller in size and do not take effort to go inside the anal area.

➡️ App-Controlled Vibrator

Couples in long-distance relationships will no longer be in distress. This app controlled vibrator will send tickles through Bluetooth connectivity, narrowing the miles separating them. Such vibrators are so advanced that the partners will need to install the right app on their smartphones. There are also remote-controlled vibrators that will unite the partners with care.

➡️ Strap-on

Strap-ons might be age-old toys for couples. But the modern ones we have here at Lovesextoy are exceptional. Everyone knows about the role of harnesses in strap-ons and how couples can stroke each other in turns. This is the speciality of such couple sex toys in Mumbai that keeps them hooked to each other.

➡️ BDSM Toys

Every couple wants to add a bit of wildness and creativity to their relationships. This is where BDSM toys stands tall. Yes, it is none other than the bondage sex toys that bring partners a chance to initiate erotic plays with each other. Whether it is role play, whipping or typing up, Lovesextoy unfolds a great variety for couples to leave them hornier than before.

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Which 8 sex toys are topping the list of favorites in Mumbai?  🎀

There are various types of toys in each section. However, 8 such toys are in the favorite section for the last few years.

Let’s see them: 

  1. Rabbit Vibrator - Women who love stimulation and vibes are a fan of this toy. The lengthy and flexible body is just perfect to touch the right area perfectly.
  2. Cock Ring -Men are in love with this device as it is a fantastic toy. It makes them stay back longer in bed and also cures problems related to manhood.
  3. BDSM Toys - This kit is pleasure-giving and gives fun. It contains various items that can make your bedroom steamy.
  4. Penis Enlarger Device - Penis enlargement is safe only if you can ensure the highest standards of safety for it. In this respect, the penis enlarger device is the most effective and harmless option for growing the male genitals without any complications. Designed to be used gently against the penis, it triggers the growth with time. The time of growth ranges from 2 to 4 weeks.
  5. Music Vibrator - Music is the best healer they say, be it in terms of stress or bad sex life. But if you play with a music vibrator, life will take a new turn. Our online sex toy store in Mumbai has the most exceptional music vibrators that come with smart features and incredible connectivity modes.
  6. Lelo Vibrator - Girls who have played with vibrators before will love having an incredible experience with a Lelo vibrator. More stylish, more compact, and completely out of the box, these new-age vibrators are just the right choice for ladies to have fun alone in bed. Even if one is planning to use it during those foreplays, the result is certainly going to be satisfactory. Girls who want to upgrade their collection of sex toys will love using the Lelo vibrator. Be its multispeed vibrations or smooth body, the user is sure to have pure fun and nothing else. So, investing in a Lelo vibrator will never go in vain for women.
  7. Inflatable Love Doll - There is nothing kinkier and sexier than the inflatable love doll. These dolls are unique in the sense that the user needs a pump to inflate and bring them to normal size. Once they attain their normal size, they look like real girls of flesh and blood. Whether it is the Inflatable Hunter Girl or the inflatable 3D Wife, the collection at our online sex toys store in Mumbai is exceptional and mind-blowing. Whether it’s their lips, hair or any body part, all look so prominent that men find their ideas for lovemaking.
  8. Vibrating and Non-vibrating Dildos - Lovesextoy is happy to bring a striking range of vibrating and non-vibrating dildos for women. With these, women are not only going to have heavenly solo plays but also quench their thirst for lovemaking with a man. The dildos here represent the male penis of varying sizes and patterns. Whether you talk about glass dildos or rabbit vibrators, realistic non-vibrators or bullet vibrators, our collection is mind-blowing for one and all. The vibrating dildos come with multi-speed settings, while the non-vibrators are so smooth for clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration.

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Special Offers and Promotions on Adult Toys in Mumbai 🎉 

While shopping online at Lovesextoy, you will come across many discounts and promotions. Availing of these can make your shopping experience better and worthwhile. We set offers on several products that let you bag a good deal of savings on your cart.

Searching deals on sex toys

All these we offer to ensure that your shopping experience gets better here with time. We come up with such discounts and offers so that customers don’t have to burn a hole in their pocket while choosing their desired product.


Prior to Ordering Adult Products, Learn About Sexual Health and Safety 🆘

Keeping one’s sexual health in good condition is a must for all. Unless you are sexually stable, you will never find happiness at home. In this respect, our online sex toys store takes a noble step to keep everyone aware of sexual wellness through a great variety of products.

Besides, we not only bring variety but also ensure that each product is safe for the skin ad non-toxic. We stay away from phthalate-enabled products that cause harm to the genitals.

Safety is the biggest aspect we take care about everyone. For this, we deal with only fresh, effective, and life-changing products. We, therefore, take immense responsibility in packing the products with such care so that a customer’s confidentiality does not come into question. We never mention the product name or anything on the parcel. Only the name and address of the customer are mentioned to sustain confidentiality.

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How to Choose the Right Sex Toys in Mumbai? 🎯

When you come across a huge collection in a shopping platform, you might pause and wonder how to choose the best. Lovesextoy is such an online sex toys store in Mumbai that has over 1200 products for men, women, and couples. Despite, if you are asked to choose the best from the rest, you might go puzzled.

How to Choose the Right Sex Toys

So, here are a few factors that will guide you in picking the right sex toys in Mumbai. Have a look: 

Analyze your need 🤔 

Before you visit Lovesextoy, you must analyze your needs first. Whether it’s erectile dysfunction, having a satisfied orgasm or triggering sex appeal, know what type of product you need for your type of complication. Also, you might be looking for a gift for your girlfriend or husband. So, accordingly, you can limit your searches and start searching for the right sex toy.

Browse the categories 🔎

Lovesextoy has multiple categories under which people can pick their desired product. Whether it is for men, women, couples, herbal, party stuff or long-distance relationships, you will be able to choose the right sex toy you are looking for. Even there are accessories and needy stuff that matter significantly in one’s sex life.

Know about the product 🏪

Once you have chosen the product, you can always go to the respective page and get its details. There you will have a fair idea about the product and get confidence in your decision to buy.

Talk to the customer care guys 🎧

Lovesextoy has a dedicated customer care department. It is equipped with the most professional sales executives who are always eager to assist and solve any query. It can be anything from knowing about a product and asking about the price to placing an order. For this, you can make a call, join WhatsApp and chat, or email them with your product details.

Proceed to Order 🛒

If you are convinced after talking to the customer care executive and assured that your query is resolved, you can proceed to shop. Like any e-commerce website, we have the easiest steps to place an order. Fill up the sections with correct information, confirm your age, and proceed to payment.

Make the payment 💵💰💳

Don’t worry about the payment modes at Lovesextoy. We are flexible in this as we have multiple modes of payments. It can be cash in delivery, UPI or debit/credit card, whichever you think will be easier for you. Well, all these payment modes are safe to avail and do not involve any complications.

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Some Reviews and Ratings 

Review on Male Stroker : ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

The Rotation Lover Automatic Stimulation Pleasure Machine is simply mind-blowing for men. It gives pleasure like nothing else with its five different rotation modes. Its textured internal sleeve feels amazing when it twists, spins, and rotates. It is undoubtedly a superb choice for men.

Review on Rabbit Vibrator : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

The 10-Function Dual Rabbit Vibrator keeps me so busy every night. Every time I use this dual vibrator, I fall in love. Honestly, I had never felt good chasing orgasms earlier. The multi-speed settings let me feel diverse sensations, and I moan too loud sometimes.

Review on Penis Sleeve : ⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

I always had my eye on the Choco sleeve. It looks good, and its beaded body is good enough to shake me up. In other words, the texture is really impressive and gives me a tighter yet pleasant sensation during intimacy. It is no doubt a reasonable choice for men keen for both pleasure and genital enhancement.

Review on Penis Pump : ⭐⭐⭐ 3/5

Undoubtedly, the MaxEndurance penis pump is a magical tool that gives me so much pleasure in enhancing my penis size. It has tremendous vacuum that results in steady blood flow, leading to a long-lasting erection. Thank God I got this on time to get back to my good days!

Review on Vibrating Panty : ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

I just love wearing the Wireless C-string Vibrator and get busy in my work. I must admit that it doesn’t make me uncomfortable and instead keeps tickling me to bring me out of boredom. It feels like normal underwear and you can stay hands-free, feeling the naughtiness always.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why should I buy sex toys in Mumbai from Lovesextoy?

Answer: Over the years, Lovesextoy has emerged as India’s top choice for adult products among people of all genders. Besides, the range of products here is huge, top-quality, and affordable.

Question: Which adult products in Mumbai are in hot demand at Lovesextoy?

Answer: Some of the adult products in Mumbai running high in popularity at Lovesextoy are cock rings, vibrating panties, silicone dolls, male strokers, glass dildos, bullet vibrators, anal dildos, BDSM toys, and pheromone sprays.

Question: What are the female sex toys in Mumbai available at Lovesextoy?

Answer: Among the sex toys for women in Mumbai available at Lovesextoy, there are realistic vibrators, bullet vibrators, G-spot vibrators, realistic non-vibrators, glass dildos, vibrating panty, pussy pumps, and more. Apart from these, there are also artificial hymen and steel rings.

Question: What are the male sex toys in Mumbai available at Lovesextoy?

Answer: Among the sex toys for men in Mumbai available at Lovesextoy, there are male masturbation toys, silicone sex dolls, male strokers, Super Girl, penis pumps, pocket pussies, cock rings, and more.

Question: Can I get sex toys for couples and the LGBT community in Mumbai at Lovesextoy?

Answer: Yes, you will get a variety of sex toys for couples and the LGBT community as well. Lovesextoy has several categories under which different toys will be for different people.

Question: Do sex toys improve sexual health?

Answer: Yes, sex toys are quite beneficial in making one’s sexual health better with time. As most of these toys are lifelike and meant to create sexual feelings in the user, people find these effective for their sexual health and happiness.

Question: Can I expect discreet service while buying sex toys in Mumbai at Lovesextoy?

Answer: Yes, Lovesextoy ensures discreet service while delivering orders to its customers. While packaging, there is no product information on the parcel except the customer’s name and address. This is done to sustain confidentiality.

Question: Is the collection of adult toys in Mumbai online huge to shop from?

Answer: Yes, if you visit Lovesextoy, the reputed online sex toys store in India, you will come across a massive range of adult toys and accessories for men, women, and couples. Even there are herbal products along with pheromone attractants and sprays.

Question: Should I expect to buy high-quality adult toys in Mumbai at Lovesextoy?

Answer: Yes, Lovesextoy promises to bring superior-quality adult toys and accessories. The products here are from top brands and made with medical-grade materials, contributing to their longevity.

Question: Is there any delivery charge at Lovesextoy in Mumbai?

Answer: Lovesextoy delivers orders FREE OF COST to everyone in Mumbai. There is no delivery charge on behalf of the store.

Question: Is it possible to return a product if I am not satisfied with it or it is a wrong one?

Answer: Yes, Lovesextoy accepts return requests in case you are not happy with the product or it turns out to be inappropriate. Anyone in Mumbai can place a return request for any product.

Question: What makes Lovesextoy a popular online sex toys store in Mumbai?

Answer: Whether it is the variety of products, convenient shopping procedures, customer care assistance or assurance in quality, Lovesextoy promises everything to its customers in Mumbai. These are the factors that make this online sex toy store a popular choice in Mumbai.

Question: Should I expect to get sex toys in Mumbai at Lovesextoy meeting different budget needs?

Answer: Yes, Lovesextoy has an impressive variety of products of diverse price ranges. This is to assure convenience for all types of people in Mumbai with different budget needs.

Question: Can I trust Lovesextoy to meet different sexual desires and sustain good relationships in Mumbai?

Answer: Yes, Lovesextoy has such adult toys and accessories that would fulfill multiple sexual desires of people in Mumbai. Even when it is about keeping stability in relationships, the sex toys here play a key role.