Why Masturbate Daily – 5 Reasons to Justify

If you masturbate daily and yet you are worried a lot, you are just doing the wrong thing. Masturbation is similar to taking a daily shower that actually keeps you fresh throughout the day. So, if you take some time in giving your body a bit of pleasure, there is no harm in it and rather good for you.

Here are the 5 reasons why it is high time that you should take up matters in your own hands for a better sex life. Take a look:

Masturbation Sex Toys

1. Keeps Premature Ejaculation in control

Experts have found that men who suffer from premature ejaculation while having sex actually derive positive results from masturbation about a couple of hours before love-making. This instead results in an intercourse of longer duration before the next ejaculation knocks.

2. Averts Prostate Cancer

As per reports, men ejaculating over five times a week have one-third less chances to fall prey to prostate cancer. Your urogenital tract has certain disease-oriented toxins hidden, which gets flushed out on being rubbed in the process of masturbation.

3. Makes You Stronger with Age

As you age, you muscle tone is naturally lost in the process and the same goes for your penis. On having sex or masturbating regularly, your pelvic floor muscles work actively to prevent erectile dysfunction. Rather, your aim would be to go for three to five times a week for good results.

4. Betters Sperm Quality

Records say that masturbation makes your sperm quality better with time. When a man masturbates prior to intercourse, residual sperms are released right into the semen transporting tubules. This leads to newer and better sperms that are released during the intercourse. Further, this raises the chances of conception and adds to one’s health benefits as well.

5. Extends your time of action

It is always beneficial to keep track as to how long it takes to orgasm. Suppose, if it takes two minutes for a solo the first time, try to exceed it a bit next time. You may even keep your stroke count that will certainly keep you aware whether you are doing it better with time.